About Us

For those times when you can’t afford to wait another day, VEPO TEAM IS HERE FOR YOU!

Same Day Express Delivery Service and Pre book in advance is the fastest option available in town. We have several delivery options to meet all your needs.

VEPO provides a reliable door-to-door service just for you. Moving items/documents/vehicles and even your own fresh homemade meals. 12 hours a day 6 days a week throughout Gibraltar.

On a business trip? Away on holiday? Can’t find a parking? Don’t feel like getting out with bad weather? Can’t get away from work? Caught up in meetings? Been out drinking? Sick in bed and need your meds/prescription? Need ironing? You think you left your garage door unlocked? Too relaxed on the beach and forgot to buy something you really need for tomorrow?

VEPO will do your shopping, pick up your documents, move your vehicle, take your dry cleaning, check your assets, or collect your mail/parcel and much much more!

Why VEPO? Traditional in Gibraltar during the early 60’s and 70’s the term Vepo was mainly used for a messenger. Local business would use this term on a daily basis for errands needed throughout working hours, “Ve por esto” became “vepo”.

Now in 2018 your own Butler Service is provided via a very user friendly app and website.

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